Our yacht service services

At Boatcaptain we understand the passion and love for the water and sailing. That's why we offer an extensive yacht service who contributes to your sailing experience and makes sure your boat stays in a prime condition. If you are an experienced sailor or just starting your maritime adventure, our dedicated team is ready to support you with all your needs on the water.

Maintenance: Our experienced technicians will ensure your boat stays in top condition so you can focus on enjoying your time on the water. We believe that maintenance is a good investment in the long term so that you ultimately save on repair costs. You can contact us for all your engine, rigging and sailing instruments and other parts. Our certified B&G and Raymarine specialists ensure that everything works properly. We also offer recognized inspections and inspections from, among others, HISWA so that you can continue sailing safely.

Repairs: You can always contact us for complex repairs. We have the knowledge and craftsmanship to carry out the work quickly and efficiently. It doesn't matter if you have an engine failure, gelcoat damage or even a broken mast. Our professionals are ready to assist you.

Refits: Are you looking for improvements for your yacht? Boatcaptain offers you options from small upgrades of your sailing instruments to a completely new boat.

Cosmetic Do you like to keep your yacht in good condition? Our cosmetic experts ensure that your boat is always in perfect condition. Boatcaptain is an official applicator of Renskib. We also help you with Antifouling and your upper deck to make the teak shine again.

Our maintenance services

Boatcaptain believes that maintenance is a good investment in the long term so that you ultimately save on repair costs. We offer inspections, inspections and maintenance so that you can sail carefree again.

Inspections & certifications Safety is of paramount importance to Boatcaptain, so that you can go on the water safely. For example, during an inspection of your boat, we perform a surface thickness measurement to see whether your boat can safely enter the water. Our certified employees also offer a wide range of different inspections and inspections. For example, you can go for a certified HISWA rigging inspection or gas inspection. We also ensure that all your lifesaving equipment is up to date, such as your life raft and life jackets. 

Maintenance: Our certified B&G and Raymarine mechanics ensure that all your sailing instruments function properly and are up to date. All engine, mast and other maintenance can be done in-house. You can also contact us for donor water makers.

Winch service: With ultrasonic cleaning we ensure that your winches are back in new condition. Brushing only releases large amounts of dirt. Through ultrasonic cleaning we ensure that impossible places and the smallest parts are also cleaned. This way you can ultimately use your winches for much longer.

Propspeed: Experience the benefits of Propspeed with our professional application services. Propspeed prevents fouling on your ship's propeller and improves the performance of your boat. Boatcaptain is ready to apply this groundbreaking technology to your boat.

Our maintenance options

Our repair services

The most careful owners may find themselves in need of repairs to their boat. Fortunately, our experienced technicians and professionals are here to help you repair all types of damage to your boat, including gelcoat damage or furniture repair.

Gelcoat damage: For gelcoat damage, we use advanced techniques and materials to restore the original shine and finish of your boat. Our experts carefully mix the gelcoat to ensure a perfect color match and then use professional methods to repair the damage and restore the surface's smoothness and shine.

Boat damage: We also specialize in repairing other boat damage, such as damage to the hull, deck, interior, and more. Our experienced professionals are ready to tackle all types of damage, large or small, and get your boat back into top condition.

Ship carpentry: Damage to your interior? Our professional will restore your furniture to its original condition. If it cannot be repaired, our ship carpenter will make new furniture for you.

Custom parts: Unfortunately, old components can often no longer be ordered, even though the part itself still works fine. With our 3D printer we can design and produce various plastic parts for you so that you can continue sailing smoothly and safely. You also save the costs on a completely new part.

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Our refit services

Your boat is more than just a vessel; it is an investment and a source of fun and adventure. That is why we offer extensive refit services to transform and upgrade your boat to your wishes and needs.

Whether you are looking for a cosmetic makeover, a structural repair, or an upgrade to your electronics and interior, our experienced team of professionals is ready to make your dream a reality. We work closely with you to understand your goals and expectations, then create a customized plan that meets your budget and timelines.

Our refit services cover a wide range of options including painting and varnishing, teak deck replacement, hull and deck repair, interior modernization, installation of new equipment by our certified B&G and Raymarine installers and much more. We strive to provide quality materials and craftsmanship so that your boat not only looks good, but also performs well and provides durability for the future.

Whether you want to freshen up your boat for the upcoming boating season, or you are planning an extensive renovation to breathe new life into your boat, we are ready to make your dreams come true. 

Our refit options

Our cosmetic services

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning and cosmetic options, using high quality products such as Renskib, to ensure your boat always looks its best, both inside and out. Our services include antifouling and painting, teak deck treatment, and interior cleaning, so your boat maintains its shine and stays protected from the elements.

Renskib: Boatcaptain is an official Renskib applicator. With their various cleaning agents we ensure that your boat shines again.

Translation result Antifouling and Painting: Our experienced professionals can provide your boat with a new layer of antifouling to prevent the growth of algae, mussels and other marine organisms. We also offer painting services for both the underwater hull and the upper deck, to give your boat a fresh look and protect against corrosion and wear.

Treatment of Teak Decks: Teak decks not only add aesthetic value to your boat, but also provide comfort and grip while sailing. Our experts can treat your teak decks with special cleaning agents to protect them against discoloration, stains and wear. Our special nano coating makes your deck water and dirt-repellent. This way your teak decks will continue to look like new and retain their natural beauty and durability.

Interior Cleaning: A clean and well-maintained interior contributes to the comfort and livability of your boat. Our interior cleaning services include deep cleaning of surfaces, upholstery, carpets, windows and other interior elements. We use carefully selected cleaning agents and techniques to remove dirt, stains and odors so that your boat is always inviting and welcoming.

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