Our storage options

In Marina seaport IJmuiden, yachts up to 65 tons can be lifted out of the water with the crane. With our yacht service we offer various storage options for your sailing yacht, so you do not have to worry about the condition of your boat. With all our storage options, your boat can be maintained by our professionals, so that it is ready to sail when you go back on the water.

Winter storage: Our spacious and heated warehouse offers a safe environment for your sailing yacht, where it is protected against all weather conditions. Our experienced employees ensure that your yacht is carefully prepared for winter storage, with attention to important aspects such as winterizing the engine, draining water pipes and protecting sensitive parts.

In addition to protecting your yacht, we also offer a range of optional services during winter storage, such as periodic maintenance, repairs and cleaning services. This way you can ensure that your yacht remains in optimal condition. With our winter storage you can get through the winter with peace of mind, knowing that your sailing yacht is in good hands with Boatcaptain and is in top condition for the next sailing season. 

Outdoor storage: If you would like your boat to be taken out of the water and any maintenance carried out on your yacht. 

Berth: You can also contact us for moorings in the marina of Marina Seaport IJmuiden. We can also assist you with our maintenance and cleaning services for these options.

Our winter storage

You don't have to worry about your boat during winter storage. Our expert team ensures that your yacht remains in top condition during this period.
At Boatcaptain, our winter storage is fully equipped. We would be happy to discuss your maintenance wishes with you.  
Our storage period runs from October to April, so that your yacht is protected against all harsh weather conditions. It is of course also possible to use our storage services for longer.

Winterstalling opties

Our outdoor storage

We offer outdoor storage on the grounds of the Marina Seaport IJmuiden. Don't you immediately feel the need to stay in our winter storage? We also have storage options for you outside. This way you can still use our services.

Onze standaard onderhoud services kunnen ook buiten uitgevoerd worden. Mocht u onderhoud nodig hebben dan helpen wij u graag verder.

We also offer short storage spaces for quick repairs where the boat needs to be docked for a short time.

Are you standing at an outdoor area in the marina and do you need help? Our employees can support you and provide you with advice. Together we can look at the possibilities.

Onderhouds opties

Your mooring in the marina

Our yacht service is located in Marina Seaport IJmuiden. Situated in an ideal location along the coast directly on the North Sea Canal. The marina has moorings for yachts of all sizes and types. Whether you are looking for a temporary mooring for short stays or a permanent mooring for long-term accommodation, we offer a range of options to suit your needs.

Marina Seaport IJmuiden has modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From well-maintained scaffolding and power connections to luxurious sanitary facilities.

Whether you are looking for a temporary mooring for a weekend getaway or a permanent mooring for your dream yacht, Marina Seaport offers everything you need for an unparalleled experience on the water. Contact us today to find out more about our moorings and reserve your spot at the marina.

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