Our support services

In our yacht service we do more than just maintenance, repairs and refits. Support for sailors is just as important. Our vision is to relieve you of your worries so that you can enjoy the water to the fullest. Whether you are a competitive sailor or want to tour in different areas, our dedicated team is ready to support you with all your on-water needs.

Support for racing teams: Boatcaptain provides technical support for racing teams and sailors who want to get more out of sailing. We ensure that your boat is always ready to sail so that you can fully concentrate on the race.

Crew support: We offer a large pool of professional sailors. If you enjoy competing but need more support, we are happy to help you.

Deliveries: Would you like to sail your sailing yacht to another area but do not have the time or experience? Our delivery service guarantees that your sailing yacht is transported safely. Boatcaptain offers to sail your yacht to the desired destination with certified skippers.

Our technical support services

Our aim is to support teams that want to get the most out of their sport. Boatcaptain encourages competition teams so that they can perform at their best.

Last year, Boatcaptain was Official supplier of Team JAJO in The Ocean Race 2023. During races it is important that a team performs optimally. Due to all their work and support, the team ultimately finished 2nd in their rankings.

Out of the Blue is a team of 4 ambitious students without any rowing experience, rowing starts this year on the World Thought Row. A struggle to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat. Through hard training and various support, they were able to perform to their maximum potential. Boat captain supported with all technical aspects of the boat so that they could put all their energy into the race. Everywhere with a well-deserved 1st place in the class for 4 people. In addition, they had an incredibly beautiful 2nd place in the men's class and also overall. 

During various training camps, Boat Captain provides support to relieve teams during their training. By providing storage and emergency repairs, we ensure that the team can train here without any worries. 

Would you like to see what the possibilities are for your own team? We are happy to help you so that you are completely relieved and can focus on your race. 

Our support options

Our Crew services

The best helmsmen are on shore, ready to serve you. Our crew pool is huge and has a passion for sailing. Finding the right people for your sailing yacht is a challenge and Boatcaptain supports you in this search. Our experienced sailors have the necessary certificates and experience to navigate your sailing yacht safely across the seas and oceans.

For racing teams that are looking for a good crew, we offer experienced sailors who want to perform maximum. This way your team can compete for the best places.

In addition to our delivery service, we also offer crew to support you on your sailing adventure. With a wide variety of sailors, we can help you with the right match. 

Our crew options

Our delivery services

At Boatcaptain we offer professional delivery services for sailing yachts, so that your yacht can be delivered safely and efficiently to any desired destination. Whether you have purchased a new sailing yacht and want to have it transported to your home port, or you want to move your yacht to another location for a sailing adventure, our experienced team is ready to help you.

Our experienced skippers have the necessary expertise and experience to navigate your sailing yacht safely across the seas and oceans. We understand that your yacht is more than just a vessel for you. That is why we treat your yacht with the utmost care and attention during the entire delivery process.

Whether it is a short coastal voyage or a transoceanic crossing, we provide thorough preparation and planning to ensure that your yacht arrives at its destination safely and on time. We take into account factors such as weather, tides, sailing conditions and navigation routes to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery.


Our delivery options